Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy Masterclass

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Specialist course for management of tinnitus and hyperacusis in children and adults


Post masterclass support

  1. Students are encouraged to join the tinnitus and hyperacusis therapists closed group on Facebook (only accessible to course participants). This is a forum that students discuss the challenges and share their experiences using the skills learned in the masterclass.   

  2. Students are invited to join a tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy (THT) group in LinkedIn for clinical and research discussions and exchange of ideas. http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Tinnitus-Hyperacusis-Therapy-4107920


Clinical supervision

There is no specific amount of training that guarantee competency in tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation. Attending the tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy masterclass provides a fantastic opportunity for hearing healthcare professionals to enhance their and knowledge and skills in delivering rehabilitative approaches for management of tinnitus and hyperacusis in children and adults. Participants will leave this practical course with a solid grounding in tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy that can be put into practice straight away. 

We have now introduced an “optional extra” of post course one-to-one clinical supervision sessions (via Skype). Although this is not a requirement for tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation, research has shown that practice feedback and coaching increases post training proficiency. Students are encouraged to take advantage on this opportunity in order to discuss their patients and receive direct feedback on their therapeutic skills and knowledge.  Depending on your professional background and training you may benefit from 1-10 supervision sessions. Each session is 60 minutes in duration and costs £150 and will be with Dr. Hashir Aazh. There is no set recommended number of sessions or frequency of them and it is entirely based on your own assessment of your learning needs. 

To book your sessions email hashir.aazh@tinnitustherapy.org.uk

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