Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy Masterclass

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Specialist course for management of tinnitus and hyperacusis in children and adults



“I learned a lot during this course. It was pretty intensive for me because of the language. The listening was not a problem, but to talk and do the counselling skills assignment were harder for me. The alternation in the course was nice for me, it was a journey through all of the steps in the CBT. Now I have to practice a lot.”


“I have had very little experience of carrying out tinnitus therapy so I was very nervous about the course. However, I have learnt the importance of motivational interviewing. Making a relationship with the patient, using reflections, not having a judgemental tone and not making the questioning too personal. CBT seemed a very complex concept at first and overwhelming, however you broke it down into smaller parts which we could investigate ourselves. This has given me confidence in helping guide patients through CBT. Nevertheless, I still find and feel I have so much more to learn. The only way I will do this is to try the techniques you gave us in my own work and practice and keep reflecting back with myself to see if I am asking the correct questions in the correct way. Thank you for your time and help.”


“Very informative, felt course exceeded my expectations. Gained an understanding of CBT and skills that need further practice before being able to offer as a service to the patients. Work around NATs/changing these can be adapted and used at all stages throughout our current audiology pathway. Will be interested to receive feedback on my assignments as a ‘real’ gage/measure of what I’ve taken in and retained and also, importantly, what needs further work on. An insight to the difficulties that may/will be present in future patients and knowledge to access the skills do deal with and manage these situations. “


“I approached this course with some initial trepidation, as in-depth counselling and patient-centred treatment has tended to run counter to a clinical approach to treatment. The practice-centred nature of the sessions gave ample opportunities to develop skills step-by-step as they were taught, as they were taught I felt challenged at each stage, but the collaborative nature of the of the role play sessions felt very rewarding and productive. I feel that the development of my counselling skills to deliver effective therapy will be ongoing and I feel that I will need to practice with the help of my colleagues to build confidence in providing this service. However, I feel I have been provided with the tools to achieve this.”  


“I feel that the course went very in depth, allowing me to understand CBT clearly.

There was a lot of information to take on board but there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I liked the use of the recordings as this showed us real life situations, showing us what methods of questioning can be used.

It was beneficial having group discussions throughout, but I feel the guest lecturer presentations did not have this aspect and so information wasn’t absorbed as well.”


“This course radically changed how I view tinnitus and hyperacusis management. It revealed the psychological underpinning of tinnitus/hyperacusis distress and provided a structure approach in dealing with this distress and its effects. What I found particularly beneficial was the practical guides, templates and visual aids that helped me feel more confident in providing this treatment to patients in my care. I highly recommend this masterclass to audiologists, psychologists, therapists and anyone else helping patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis. Thankyou Dr Aazh.” 

“Over the course of the week I have felt a range of different emotions. Initially I was apprehensive about being able to engage and get involved in practical sessions and whether I would be able to keep up. However, it was immediately apparent that although there was a great deal of information to explore it was going to be delivered I an engaging and informal manner which put me more at ease. It has really made sense to me how the sessions have been explained as it has flowed with plenty of real life examples and role play. I am still nervous about delivering CBT but I feel that I have been given the tools to practice and try to develop my skills as I do very much believe in the CBT model. I have enjoyed the course immensely and have enjoyed meeting and learning with other course participants. Thank you!”


“Well-structured course. Evidence based. I’m familiar with ABC concept from previous reading. However, I wanted it to be pulled apart to understand how to fully implement it and this was done. Thank you for all your attention and care.”


“The course has challenged me to think in a different way about how I approach this patient type, and has really encouraged me to want to develop and make changes in the service I currently work in. I’ve really enjoyed the practical elements of the course, which has increased my confidence in both the new skill of CBT and help people with tinnitus and hyperacusis generally. It’s been an intense learning experience but I come away from it full of knowledge, excited to put it into practice what I have learnt and also to share it with my colleagues. I’ve also learnt simply from speaking to colleagues, attending this course who have come from many different places and services, which has been fascinating. Thank you Hashir for such an enjoyable course!” 


“I have found personally the roleplay extremely difficult. However, I can appreciate the importance of this. For me listening is the key, I would hope that I could take the skills I have been taught, forward and put into practice within our clinics. Extremely well presented and structured. It appears there is a group being formed that we can contribute to learn with each other and share our findings and advice. I can envisage a number of participants whereby this CBT process would have worked well and helped gain the wanted outcome for the patients.”      


“Firstly I would really like to thank you for the well orientated training course. From the start, I felt that you really responded very quickly to all my emails and provided me with all (and more) information that I required. I learned much more than I expected throughout the course. I feel more confident in this topic where before like most professionals avoid these topics. I trust that I will be able to incorporate the skills I’ve learned into my practice and are looking forward to discover even more experience and knowledge in these topics. I would highly recommend the course to other professionals as well.”


“I felt that the course was very informative, overall it was well structured and with a good amount of other speakers and the timings for talks and breaks/was good. Listening to patient examples was really helpful to have an idea of how the various concepts are applied in the real world. It is quite eye opening to see how important it is for the patient themselves to come up with solutions as they have to be believable to the them and directly from their though processes. Thank you for providing extensive info on the drop box folder, will certainly look into it. Really enjoyed the course!”


“It has helped me question and re-evaluate how I do my tinnitus treatment in my practice. Given me fresh ideas and has solidified my knowledge and understanding much more. I have enjoyed how practical the course was, and not only theoretical. This has made me feel far more equipped to take it back and do it myself for patients. However, I am very concerned about my ability to dig deep into core beliefs. If I have the skill to not only find them and identify them, but to change them. I am very excited to get going with this and enhance the CBT component of my existing protocols. I will be back in another 5 years for a refresher and to get any new info……. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us Hashir!”    


“I have learned a lot about the theoretical background and doing CBT for tinnitus. Practice was abundant which helps to ingrain the principles learned. I feel confident about applying CBT as a counselling tool. I’m somewhat scared about starting without the opportunity of having a more experience therapist in house. Thanks again for this course. I enjoyed it very much.”


“First of all, thank you for teaching me a lot. I feel more equipped to use this cognitive therapy but still a lot to learn and practice. You inspired me to learn more about CBT. It was an intense few days but it was nice that you alternate with examples of your own practice.”


“I was dealing with a rather unfamiliar subject (CBT). On the first day, it appeared rather complex and overwhelming. The excellent structure of the course and the easy pace with which it crystallised the concepts that were quite nebulous at the start. The ambience was conducive to good learning and the tutoring was gently but effective. At the end of the course, I feel I know at least what it is about and see a much clearer strategy and modus operando if I decide to take this on as service provision. Many thanks indeed!”


“The course has been an eye opener in how to combine TRT and CBT. I have learned something that will change my practice. I am glad I participated.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found the presentations interesting and thought provoking. I feel that I have gained the basis to develop further skills in this area. I found all the presentations useful but particularly enjoyed the interactive sessions and those involving the tapes.”


“The course has made me more confident about dealing with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis patients. It has given me the motivation and knowledge to use TRT and CBT as a therapy for my patients and also a tool I can use in my everyday life. It was well presented and there was good logical progression with sufficient time allocated to practicing some of the skills.”


“The course has taught me a lot of things as well as made other topics clearer for me to understand. It is something good because the therapies presented complement each other and seems to be easier to apply to the clinical sessions.”


“The course has been well organised, very informative and covered most areas required. Interactive nature of sessions was good. Perhaps some of the external speakers could have been more interactive to help us keep on track. Handouts good- some were a little small side and although we have electronic backup would be helpful if all visible on paper copies. Maybe some more practical sessions of CBT in small groups whereby 2-3 observers 1 therapist 1 patient could facilitate learning. Good use of real patients appointment recordings.”  


“Thank you Hashir for a wonderful course. I learned a lot during the course. I liked your `Socratic` teaching approach. I now feel prepared to start TRT and perhaps to do some basic CBT with some patients and see how it goes. Thank you for sharing all your material with us.”


“Combination of guest speakers and general speaker worked well. Style of counselling may not be suitable for all patients and audiologists. Further training for Audiologists would be required to take core beliefs of patients. Having a deep psychological understanding and clinical expertise improves the quality of the counselling for the patient. Course was very informative, interesting and demonstrates how alternative approaches from biomedical model can improve patients results.”


“I have enjoyed meeting you the value of the learning has finally rounded my thoughts when treating tinnitus patients. It had given me the confidence to tackle more difficult cases. I hope you come and lecture in NZ conference one day. I have been encouraged to read psychology books and to review TRT.”  


“This Tinnitus master course was extremely valuable and insightful. I arrived not knowing what to expect, I was nervous that I would be well below everyone else’s level and wouldn’t keep up or understand. However I found it not to be this way. The content of TRT was familiar but cemented into my head. Everything was making more concrete for me. It made me realise that I need to add a lot more structure to my TRT and focus more on sound therapy in the form of ear level generators. The worksheets given are extremely helpful to apply practically in my clinic. The CBT and MI was scary it takes me right out of my comfort zone.”


“Although I worked with CBT (not with tinnitus patients) I’ve learned many practical way of CBT. I’ve structured the techniques of TRT so I think it was an enjoying course for me and I learned practical ways which was the thing that made me take this course.”


“The Tinnitus was very helpful CBT and TRT tools for managing Tinnitus and hyperacusis patients. Both TRT and CBT are useful and better not first to stick to one. I found the modules very helpful listening to patient’s recordings gave an insight into the clinical setting and the real life clinical situation.”


“The course has helped clarify treatment protocols used in our clinic to treat Tinnitus and hyperacusis. The multi-national aspect of this course has been extremely enjoyable to experience.”  


“Extremely inspiring course, it will defiantly influence my approach and practice towards tinnitus patients. The execution of the course is very high quality; the printout is very useful and helped to focus on the lecture instead of taking notes. Very consistent material and informative practical and practice oriented. Very useful patient presentations (audio of consultations/counselling) lots of material given out which I can use in the future as well. Congratulations very glad I could take part. Changed the way I see tinnitus and look at tinnitus patients. Certain parts I have learned I will use in my general practice as well.”


“I found the course excellent. Although I have no experience to date. I felt it challenged me and educated me in a new model of therapy for my clients. I have no doubt that I have learned a great deal and found much to practice and develop from this.”


“I found this course to be of great benefit. I found the lectures were easy to follow and spoke loud enough so I could hear everything they were saying. Also the presentations were in a coherent manner.”


“I found the MI counselling path very useful. The TRT clear and well structured. The CBT was clear but much different to the TRT. But the bits in-between become confusing for me. This maybe because of my training methods.”


“Counselling/ therapy would have been more helpful to describe each in turn and then look at application clinically.”


“The course has challenged my current practice. I have learnt new ways to modify my practice with new techniques and the opportunity to network and share ideas, especially internationally where cultures and methods may differ. Very enjoyable!”


“Thought provoking, constantly making me reflect on how I interact with my patients and how I might modify and expand procedures. I found the research element good in expanding or reinforcing my understanding of tinnitus and hyperacusis. The counselling aspects have confirmed some of the techniques I have been applying but challenged me with learning the new techniques. Lots of further reading reflection and eventually working out a way to implement these new treatment methods into my practice. Thanks especially for the questionnaire and protocols.”


“TRT- categories of each patient to help manage them better. Being able to listen to recorded CBT sessions.”


“I found the course very interesting and useful. However I found it quite overwhelming as many of the aspects were new to me e.g. CBT. The use of the new `audio` sessions were good at reducing the apprehension of using CBT in clinic as it shows us how it can be performed. Excellent course!”


“I think it has been very interesting. I really needed the clinical angle on the treatment of tinnitus clients and I got what I was looking for. I do some teaching myself and I think it is amazing how good you are making people feel relaxed and comfortable. I am not going to treat tinnitus clients myself but I am going to teach others about tinnitus and the treatment of tinnitus. I will defiantly use some of the knowledge I have gained in this course.”


“I really enjoyed the course, now I feel more confident treating patients with Tinnitus and hyperacusis. I had no knowledge on the subject, and I think the course was very helpful giving me a lot of information to start and continue studying Tinnitus and hyperacusis.”


“I have found this course very informative. It has equipped me with the necessary basic skills in treating patients with Tinnitus and hyperacusis. Further reading in the area is indicated to cement the skills and knowledge gained in this course. I have found the diverse background of attendees a pleasure in sharing this learning experience with.”


“It was a great course. I learnt a lot throughout the week. The recommended books were a great addition and I am very eager to read them. Throughout the course I felt very motivated and focused so im eager to work with my Tinnitus patients. However the TA article provided in the reading material before the course went completely over my head, but spending a couple of minutes watching the TA video during the course made everything click. Is it possible to add the videos in the pre-course materials?”


“The overall experience was good and found very worthwhile. Sometimes the days were long just like listening. Would have liked more interaction and practical application. When listening to the audio it would have been better to have more background. If possible videos of the therapy sessions would have been good.

I liked at the beginning of each presentation there was a clear outline of the presentation and what was being covered. Maybe have the class in a more open room to facilitate group discussion. Also would have been good to have WIFI facilities.”


“I have found the course very useful. I would have preferred to be in one room and at times it was difficult for me to learn all the comments people made. However on the whole it was a positive experience. I should have mentioned the extent of my hearing loss so that better preparations could have been made for the recordings that took place. I was grateful for the use of the Dictaphone.”


“Thank you for providing this intense course. I have really enjoyed all 5 days of the course which is due to a few reasons. The content covered your teaching style, interactive sessions, listening and learning from your patient recordings. It can be difficult to just sit and listen to a lecture so the variety used has been helpful. The Q and A sessions have also been good; I wasn’t expecting so many people from other countries. Having this mixture of people allows better learning from different ideas thought and experiences. Finally I feel privileged to have attended this course and to receive the training from you. I now feel excited and look forward to implanting the things I have learnt.”


“The variety of topics covered has been very helpful and provided us with a great new insight into the management of the Tinnitus patients. It has helped to consolidate my knowledge in the use of TRT with much more practical applications and the introduction of CBT has opened up a whole new avenue that we can integrate into our therapy programmes. I feel that I will approach each client I see in the future in a more open way, and try to gain a better understanding of the patient, and what they would more likely benefit from in a treatment programme. It has been a very worthwhile course thank you.”


“My experience throughout this master class has been very positive. I am very content with being provided in depth with tools to manage Tinnitus patients. I appreciate having had the opportunity to learn from Hashir and from the lectures from the related fields. The knowledge and tools opened up for me. Methods of treatment that I did now have experience with clinically. I also like the presentation style, involvement of the class participants in discussions and supplementary materials provided via the drop box.”  


“This course was one of the best ever master classes attended by me. The amount of the lectures, presentations, tools etc provided during the class was above excellence. Guest lectures provided by renowned audiology experts were also informative really enjoyed the course. Looking forward to seeing patients.”


“It has been a very interesting, at times intensive, look at the processes of Tinnitus and hyperacusis management. I wish I had a greater knowledge of some of the categories of the management. It is great that the course contains some really useful tools that I’m sure I can take back to use in my clinics. It was also really useful networking with other participants and it would have been great to have spent more time on practical examples and learning from each other. I hope all the materials promised me in the drop down box for when I’m back in work.”


“I have particularly enjoyed and feel I have learned quite a lot about CBT and TRT and sound generators. I felt that the audio and patients in therapy was too long and it would have been better to summarise these.  I also felt that some sessions wondered of the point too much where questions were concerned. I am pleased that I will be able to take a lot of information back to clinic and feel that information provided to show patients will be very useful. I also intend to invest on some of the books we have been shown. On the whole I have enjoyed my week and have met some interesting people thank you.”


“This master class has been a great experience. At the start I was afraid the language barrier would take its toll. But it went great. I have learnt a lot.”  


“Due to the fact that we had to translate a lot we have learnt a lot. Especially the CBT is very new to me and it is very surprising how deep you can go. Many thanks.” 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course in terms of both content and presentation. Content was very informative both evidence based and practice based experience shared. The presentations were easy to understand and excellent and relevant.”  


“A thorough review of available treatments based on evidenced based practice. The course offered a strong review for those who have worked in the field for a while, but built on this provided me with challenging topics of CBT and counselling therapy.  I think the information presented will have strong influence on my clinical practice from now on.  All guest speaker presentations were highly valuable. Overall information was presented in a interesting, relevant and enjoyable way. Thank you.”


“I really found the 5 days informative and a huge learning experience. I am slightly overwhelmed in how to put all in practice and change the way I’ve been doing things. But at the same time I feel excited about changes I can make as I feel I will be able to make a difference to the majority of my patients. I have all the tools now I just need to start using it. I didn’t like the sandwiches every day and that no social event was organised for all that attend the course.”


“I came to this course with a lot of gaps in my knowledge of TRT and CBT as I have never done this before. I knew what they are about but never put these into practice. The course helped us understand the key points in treating Tinnitus patient.”


“The course was excellent both practical and model. It was very well explained, clear thoughts and explanations. Organisation very good, hearing atmosphere excellent. Last day had sometime for practical sessions to apply what we had learnt. It was very good.”


“I enjoyed the class. In spite of different language sometimes felt I nearly couldn’t follow the class. But I tried my best and this class is composed of different background, experience and profession. It enriches my vision on Tinnitus and I want to say thank you very much.”


“Attending the masterclass was an exceptional experience for me. I gained a lot of information. I even am slightly overwhelmed in how to put all information into practice. I realize that a have to develop further skills in this area, but I feel confident and enthusiastic treating patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis in the future.

The lectures were also very useful. Theory was very well explained, there was also time for questions.    

I enjoyed the interactive sessions and the possibility to change ideas with professionals from all over the world. I would have liked some more practical sessions and some more recording and case studies, for me the masterclass could have lasted a few days longer. The course has been an eye opener in how to combine different interventions into an appropriate care for tinnitus and hyperacusis. 


I am very glad that I participated! Thanks very much for the organisation of such an event!”


Thank you very much for an inspiring week! It was a pleasure meeting you and I learned a lot - not only about working with tinnitus patients, but also about myself. You did a great job arranging a successful course, which is extremely difficult when dealing with different people and backgrounds.”


“I am very pleased with all the information, material and practice about tinnitus and hyperacusis treatment that I received during the masterclass in London.

Now I have better knowledge to face these problems.”