Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy Masterclass

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Specialist course for management of tinnitus and hyperacusis in children and adults


This intensive masterclass in Copenhagen, Denmark, is designed for those who wish to  provide specialised care for patients experiencing troublesome tinnitus and hyperacusis. Students will gain a wider spectrum of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills with regard to tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation. This course will outline Syndromic tinnitus, psychometric assessment, appropriate referrals to ENT and mental health, tinnitus and hyperacusis activities treatment, evidence-based practice, application of cognitive behaviour therapy in tinnitus and hyperacusis rehabilitation, and service development.

Venue:  IDA Conference Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark    

1-3 June 2016


Intensive Masterclass 

on Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy 

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Menu of Interventions

1.    Establish relationship using client-centred counselling skills

2.    Enhance patient’s motivation for CBT

3.    Formulation: Guided discovery

4.    Sharing formulation 

5.    Agenda setting

6.    Goal setting and prioritising

7.    Check patient’s mood and symptoms   

8.    Socratic questioning to explore different way of thinking

9.    DTF as an assignment for identification of thoughts

10.  DTF as an assignment for challenging thoughts

11.  ABC (non-related to tinnitus/hyperacusis) assignment

12.  Reviewing DTF for identification of thoughts

13.  Reviewing DTF for challenging thoughts

14.  Creating counter-statements 

15.  Psycho-education: ABC presentation

16.  Psycho-education: physiology

17.  Psycho-education: cognitive distortions presentation

18.  Behavioural experiment: identify thoughts

19.  Behavioural experiments: challenging thoughts

20.  Discuss progress of therapy and termination


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Course Fee:

Supersaver (if you register by 15th March 2016): £1250

Saver (if you register by 30th March 2016): £1300

Standard (if you register by 15th April 2016): £1350